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A balance of Yin and Yang.


Standing, on a sunny day
With a little bit of breeze never run away
Didn’t like to ski, so then I learned to skate
Don’t define a city by the murder rate
You either like it or don’t
And you can be the change rearrange every note
Better yet me, setting em free
Rock side nature come and follow me

Two modes, in the box, or in the breeze
True soul hearing outside calling me
I’m on the way, I’m really on the way (hey)
What kind of day, come follow anyway!

Sitting in front of my notepad which is the screen
Of my macbook live where the crows land
Give it up one more time
For the essence in the air that’ll make you look twice
Clear my mind, another intrusion I’m losing
Everything that I fought for, slipping right by
Sleeping eyes shut mind cuts open a matrix
Perilous trek so faceless, Climb to the top of mountain on some flame shit
Am I asleep or awaiting it?…
Can I dream of awakening?

..I’m following in every little way
I want the real non fake not minute made
Hi-c , but I’d rather get an A in the class
Anti GMO sitting in the back

Back at it seeing snakes slithering in the grass,
I don’t even look gotta walk past
I will never stoop to the level of the kings
That I see on the news, it won’t bring me
Where I need to be I shut it off
Rain drops falling, I love em all
Still like a stone, entering another realm
I met a microphone, altering my every cell
And now I speak to it every single day
Whether in the form of the laptop or on the stage … ey
… I reside in the bay
Recite rewind, memorize then play


from BRAXY EP, released May 25, 2014
Instrumental produced by Braxy
Mixed by Johnny Kosich 2014



all rights reserved


Braxy Hayward, California

Braxy of the Masked Avengers brings a style of music constructed from his experience on this planet. A student of the musical realm since age 12. Drum set led to jazz, which led to punk, and then became infused with hip-hop somewhere along the way, pulsating meaning with every word. With a head fluttering full of thoughts, Braxy paints the audible landscape with his spirit and melody. Stay tuned. ... more

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